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    There WAS a Jordanian 80s pop band called “Hot Ice” and It’s as Awesome As You Think.

    HAHA! Just discovered an 80s Jordanian pop band that sings in English and is called Hot Ice. Hani Jordan, one of the best youtube old video archivists brings us this gem from the 80s, taken from a French TV show, of a music clip for one of the band’s songs called you’ll never guess what, “Never After”! Even the video is shot in pretty old vintage Amman. AND IT ALL SOUNDS EXACTLY AS AWESOME AS YOU THINK! I WILL CHERISH THIS INTERNET GIFT FOREVER.

    Know more about this band? Comment below!

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    1. Online Privacy is a Corporate Invention!

      Originially published here: https://medium.com/@tarakiyee/online-privacy-is-a-corporate-invention-61a893436a8b There is nothing private about the way we use the Internet. The act of posting something online without encryption is no different from shouting it on a crowded square. The concept of online privacy is purely a corporate invention, a way of normalizing the current practices, and is no way related […]

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    2. What would you pay to remember?

      A common adage in the region is that the Palestinians have been forgotten, especially in the post-Arab Spring world with Syria up in arms, and Egypt having a new revolution every couple of days. While there are legitimate tragedies happening all over the world, and they all deserve attention, a Palestinian film maker by the […]

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    3. It’s Hopeless, Jordanian Censorship is Here to Stay

      The day the incredibly repressive ban on online news outlets was implemented in Jordan, as I was driving back home, I was listening to a radio interview with the head of the Press and Publications department. A ridiculously asinine comment by him triggered a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I knew […]

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    4. Tamer Abu Ghazaleh at Al Balad Music Festival

      On the third day of Al Balad Music Festival¬†(f, t), I was lucky to attend two concerts by Tamer Abu Ghazaleh and Maryam Saleh. In it’s third iteration now, Al Balad Music festival started in 2009, as an effort to present independent musical acts from the Arab world to the Jordanian audience. The festival venue […]

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    5. Jordanian Hate Cleric Qourshah Goes Crazy After Show Canceled, Blames Christians and Zionists

      Today Jordan’s private TV channel Ro’ya decided to cancel hate cleric Amjad Qourshah’s show that was scheduled this Ramadan, after overwhelming public pressure. People’s objections varied between being against his sectarian calls for violence, referring to Arab Idol fans for celebrating Mohammad Assaf’s victory as heretics, and because of his attacks against pro-regime loyalists, and […]

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    6. Jordanian Parliament Debates Censoring YouTube Video

      A local video production by ShooFeeTV brought out the ire of many parliamentarians in Jordan. The video heavily criticizes the performance of the Parliament in the recent years in a ¬†National-Geographic-esque mockumentary. MP Rula Alhroub, a former actress and media personality, heavily criticized the video, and demanded that the Parliament must contact YouTube to remove […]

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    7. Israel Continues to Deny Cancer Ailing Detainee Any Treatment

      Palestinian 65-year-old Maysarah Abuhamdeih has been held in captivity since 28/2/2002 by Israeli occupation forces, among thousands of other illegally detained Palestinians. While I could write articles over articles discussing the finer points of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I chose not to in this post. I want everyone who reads this post to look past the […]

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    8. New Threat to Free Internet in Jordan – Article 6 (b)

      The year 2012 was a horrible year for digital rights and free press in Jordan. The passing of the draconian Press and Publications law and extending its jurisdiction to include online news websites gave the government unprecedented powers to control and censor websites it deems unlawful, made it difficult to start a news website, and […]

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    9. Oh Look, Another Crazy Sexist Fatwa!

      Stop it. Stop sharing those crazy sexist fatwas from crazy obscure skeikhs. It doesn’t make you a liberal, it doesn’t make you a feminist, if anything, you’re doing extremism a service. Conservatives need to listen to this as well, because we’re failing terribly at doing anything constructive together. I’m not going to be apologetic, I […]

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