A Reason to Wear Trousers in the Morning

Now that I’ve got your attention, fear not. I’m not going to be walking around tomorrow trouser-less, nor am I trying to convince some pantless acquaintance to change their nude ways. I’m just talking about a particular moment that occurs to me on an almost daily basis. I often pause while doing very mundane things, and I reflect on my life. One of those moments is after I wake up, and finish my everyday morning rituals. Coffee, drunk, face, washed. No more procrastination left to do, and I am left facing the overwhelming inevitableness of work or university.

It only really dawns down on me when I’m sat at the edge of the bed, staring at my jeans below me. Do I really have to do this? Why am I going to wear these? I know that my co-workers and friends appreciate it, even though they’ve never told me that. It’s just one of those favours you do that you expect nothing in return. Do it and throw it into the sea, my grandmother would say. Don’t get me wrong here, I like working. I hate university, but I like to think I’m mature enough to know it’s necessity. And there’s nothing I like more than hanging around with my friends, each in their own respective pants, even if we’re doing nothing of consequence.

I still wish I had a stronger reason, a particular person who would make this everyday morning chore a little less troublesome. You could argue that for most cases, that person I’m looking for is out there, trotting around in their trousers and I’m not going to find him if I stay pantless and in my bed. I’m just worried that one day I’ll just give up and decide it’s just not worth the effort. Just count yourself lucky if you’ve found that person.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

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