Bye Bye Jadal

After disappearing for the good part of two years, the Jordanian indie band Jadal came back with a new single and video. Now I wish they could go back into whatever they were doing because they have to be much better at that than in music. The entire appeal of Jadal when they first started was in the originality and authenticity in their lyrics, and the simple riffs that  go along with that. No matter what anybody would say, they’re a good local pop rock band that many people liked, particularly their song Salma. Now they’ve went from that to this.

Somebody has been listening to a lot of Muse. My first impression was when I first opened the tab was what the hell is happening to my ears? It’s just bloody annoying noise most of the time, the song has lots of complicated signatures that I’m afraid to say that Jadal are just not good enough musicians to play, let alone write, just check out the little guitar break down thing at 1:40. The song is so full of harmonies, sounds, and miscellaneous shit playing the background all of the time that I bet I can take this one crappy song and make three decent songs out it. Moreover, the main melody is just way too overused.

The lyrics makes me want to vomit. It sounds like they were written by a ADD afflicted chimpanzee jumping on a typewriter. In fact, they make the lyrics from Akher Zafeer seem Pinkfloydian. I don’t need to comment on the music video, assuming you the reader have watched it already then you’ve suffered enough. Please Jadal, for the sake of anybody who might listen to this song in the future, stop making music. Or go back to the simple, authentic Amman-flavored rock that we’ve all liked.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

4 thoughts on “Bye Bye Jadal”

  1. Well I respect ur opinion …… heres mine: First of all its not as bad as u describe it,i think its actually good if u give it a chance , but thats a matter of taste second of all we should support local talent …. I understand if u want to point out some criticism but I don’t think what u wrote it criticism its too harsh which made it sound like bashing someone u wanted just to discipline …… anyway finally its easy to sit on ur ass and just criticize while others try to do :/

  2. Thank you for respecting my opinion, I know how hard that is.

    First of all, I gave it a chance. I was actually excited when I saw Jadal had released a new single.

    Second of all, this is not my opinon, this is my honest hard-worked criticism and I take that seriously, but this is a song that I couldn’t take seriously.

    I’ve listened to it 15+ times in a row even though it has been extreme torture each time. I made a playback of the whole song for each single piece of criticism I had just to make sure I wasn’t being harsh.

    Why would I have anything personal against Jadal? Full Disclosure: I think the main guitarist guy is cheesy, but that’s how he acts in concerts, I don’t think it affects his musical ability in any way. I don’t even know their names.

    You know how big my ass is, and despite how comfy it is, it still isn’t at all easy to try and follow up with local and regional talent and try to make a proper blog about them.

    This post got a lot of negative responses but I don’t regret it. My goal isn’t to be popular, but to spread good music, and I wouldn’t recommend this song to anyone. I felt personally insulted after I listened to it, they should have done much better.

  3. intaj “dawsha”, ism 3a mosama, my eyes hurt from the stupid lights but my head hurts even more from the noise…im disappointed…bad jadal bad

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