The New Old Lie: Tolerance

I’m a person who stands between two worlds, the old world from which I come from, and the new world in which I grew up. In the old world, personal views don’t exist. If you don’t conform to the ideals, morals, views, and opinions of theirs, then you’re a demonic being, because in their pristine existence, alternate point of views don’t exist.  In the new world however, they’ll admit you get your own opinions, they’ll still judge you for them, but at least they’ll admit that you get to have them. The difference between those two worlds is tolerance.  They’ll call my old world “intolerant”, and their new world “tolerant”.

I personally think tolerance is evil. Sure, tolerance is a lot better for people like me with alternative point of views on the nature of life. I’ve always felt more comfortable in the new world than in the old. But the problem still exists, people still think they are absolutely right. Which pisses me off even more, because if you believe someone is wrong, and you “tolerate” it, then you’re as wrong as he is. Tolerance just gave the self-righteous a haven, a safer high ground if you may, for them on which to stand and preach like they always do.

Don’t tolerate my opinions, and even worse, don’t tolerate my right to have such opinions, instead embrace my right, and go ahead, tell me I’m wrong. Just understand that no matter how different we are, we are both equal as humans, and don’t let my opinions dehumanise me, because that’s the first step towards your tyranny against me. If you still can’t do that though, keep the tolerance though, it’s a lesser evil.

Note: This is still in first draft, I ran out of rant-juice midway, but I think there is still more to say.

My Friend is a Terrorist…

The title of this post refers to the recent (?) ad campaign I’ve been seeing all over facebook, and on TV, so don’t worry guys, none of my friends are actually terrorists. Excellent timing by the way, especially with all the discussion going on about Jordan’s new cybercrime law, which you can view on the Jordanian Ministry of ICT website (Arabic only), which includes an article that forbids “promoting terrorism”, but I won’t be doing any of that here, I just wanted to plug the law in, it’s new and there’s currently a discussion going on about it on AmmanTT’s website and the twittersphere (hashtags #AmmanTT and #CCL).

Anyways, time for my rant on that ad campaign. Now, I don’t disagree with the message, as a self-pronounced pacifist there is nothing I hope for more than people actually using words to work out their problems rather than resorting to weapons and terror. But the way by which this ad is presented, and the way it’s worded just pisses me off at no end. First of all, the Facebook ad, which literally says in Arabic, “My Friend is a Terrorist, How can I set him straight?”. It’s probably Americans behind the ad, and I don’t say this out of a conspiracy theory point of view, but the idea of how they presented terrorism in a way that’s equal to crack addiction.

It just shows a lack of touch with how our society is, and how terrorism really works, and especially what terrorism really is. Terrorism isn’t like pot, you try it at first, then you’re hooked at it, until you hit rock bottom or your friends stage an intervention and you “wake up” and change your life around, nor is it so prevalent that this ad will reach that many people who actually know terrorists. What some people label as “terrorism” grows out of injustice, and grows do to apathy, ignorance and intolerance.

These ads will only serve to feed the ignorance, mainly their sense of paranoia, that itself feeds the terrorism. My advice to the holders of that campaign is, to scratch it right away, actually study the people they are targeting (they can take a leaf out of the MyIslamIs.Me people’s book), encourage people to stop being apathetic and hold them responsible for their destinies, and then fight the ignorance (which will take more than a 30 second spot on MBC4), perhaps teach them about  pacifism, non-violent resistance, and conflict resolution. But ultimately, that plague can never be banished without removing all of the injustices in the world. This is how I can get my friend off Terrorcrack.

Just Another Blog Post

I just felt like writing a short blog post to release some thoughts that were lurking in the bottom of my brain. I had plans for this blog, and I’m horrible at planning. I wanted to write some posts on design, technology, and Amman, but so far I only have some old posts, a rant, another rant (this one apparently) and a random post. Continue reading “Just Another Blog Post”