Monetizing Education: The German-Jordanian University

There is so much a student can take from their university before speaking out. I’ve been a German-Jordanian University student from the start of the university, well, I am part of the second group of students that entered the University. It was a new concept, and there were many problems I, and my fellow students had to endure, but I stuck with it, for the sake of the education, and because I knew I am getting one of the best educational experiences in the Kingdom. I am a huge supporter of the idea behind the GJU, and this is why I’m speaking out.

A new trend today is taking place in our university where every couple of days we’re bombarded by advertisements. And it’s not spam, they are emails coming out from the Deanship of Student Affairs to our official university emails. I have to wade through the ads to get to the important announcements and emails from my professors. Not only that, but the deanship is also approving such ads to be posted on the university walls. One of the most embarrassing ads I’ve seen was one for a Neuro-linguistic Programming course. It’s sad to see the state of ignorance we’ve reached in our nation’s highest educational facilities, that the universities are supporting pseudo-sciences. It doesn’t take more than a simple Wikipedia check to know that NLP is nothing more than nonsense.

Today we’ve had Zain Jordan at our university, setting up camp inside the university. They built up stalls, and had salespersons walking between the students.  The funny thing is, at our temporary location near the Prince Hassan Science City, we are already overcrowded, and the stalls took a lot of space. We don’t mind the over-crowdedness, because we know we’re going to move soon, and it’s not really affecting our education, but that doesn’t mean the university should take that for granted and make the situation worse for us.

And apparently tomorrow, Curves fitness gym is coming to the university, or so I found out on my official university email. This is despicable, outrageous, and I won’t stand for it any longer. The university is an academic institution, and when I have to run through hoops in order to organise academic events in the university, I feel gravely insulted that the big companies are allowed to advertise so easily at our university. I also can’t help but wonder what the university is getting out of this. I ask that this intolerable situation be rectified immediately, with a clear university policy to disallow all commercial advertising on university medium, whether it be email, posters, and on university grounds. However, I still stand by the GJU as a fine academic institution.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

3 thoughts on “Monetizing Education: The German-Jordanian University”

  1. excuse me …maybe i disagree with you in that this university ( as i think ) is different than other local ones in that it takes into consideration the same style of dealing with educational issues in European countries …i think so 🙂
    when looking at universities at UK ,America or another world wide universities you can see that this educational structures have been no longer dealing with just educational buildings such as libraries ,but contains an entertaining ones as gym as u said …even there is camps at the same universities or even a center for you to practice your own hobbies , so i think its okay with gym 🙂 ….anyway maybe the thing u mentioned about advertising is exaggerated i don’t know …u know better as a student there 😛

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