Do we finally “get” social media in Jordan? Case Study: Bath Bayakha

I seriously think we’re starting to reach a stage in Jordan where social media has become an integral part of the way we live. I won’t bore you with all the boring statistics on internet penetration in the region, and how 40% of new-born babies are on Facebook, I’ll just share how the videos from Bath Bayakha, a new Jordanian on-line comedy show went viral in less than a week. They are trending now, at the time of writing this article, as the 17th most subscribed to comedy show on Youtube.

I attribute this to two things. First of, the content. The videos are very well done, and they’re funny in a typically Jordanian sense of humour! I don’t know the guys who did this, and whether or not they claim to be “social media experts” or what not, but they gained their on-line fame using social media simply because they created content that people liked and wanted to share, and they did that without a Facebook page or a twitter account, (in case they do have ones, I still don’t know about them, so it’s irrelevant.) Content is king, irrelevant of whatever social media strategy you might have.

The second thing is not something they did at all, but I think we as an on-line community are becoming much better with on-line media. We’re sharing things like never before, and that’s why I’ve seen Bath Bayakha spread through many different social circles that I know, independently. I’m glad to see how connected we have become as a community, this wasn’t the case a year ago, when we were as on-line as we are now, but we were so disconnected from each other. Now we’re more connected, and more online than ever, and we’re using the on-line tools as we’re supposed to. I can give many examples to that, the Amman Page on Facebook as a shining one. Pat yourself on the back, Jordan.  =D

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

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