El La7n 7azeen men Awalo

Whether you agree with my review or not, you should most definitely check out Akher Zapheer’s music video “Akherto La7n 7azeen”. It’s not everyday that a Jordanian indie band makes a new video, and it’s definitely worth a look. Review after the video.

I’ll start with the good and leave the bad till the end, because that would be jumping on the bandwagon and then pushing everybody out. First of all, I love the music video. It’s very pretty and it will grab your attention, very high production values, and actually tells a story. The music is quite repetitive, but in a good way. It’s a very hum-able melody.

Now for the bad bits. The lyrics are wtf-inducing. The best thing about the music video is that it distracts you from the actual words being said. They sound like a 12 year old’s first attempt at poetry. They do not tell a story, they invented a bizarre scene where everything they describe fits into the melody. I can’t see anyone walking down the street singing, “وسوق فيي شوي شوي عليمين، ولعواميد علشوباك بتتوالا”

If you don’t believe lyrics sound forced, I dare you to say the word “Btetwalla” tomorrow in a normal conversation. =D

Music-wise, I don’t really have much to say, but the song wasn’t in my opinion of the same quality as the video, something sounded slightly off-putting. There’s a double clap sound I totally OCDed over; I couldn’t stand it at all. You can also very easily forget that this song has a guitar solo.

All in all, today’s a good day for the Jordanian indie scene (if it exists). This song won’t be on my playlist, but it made me really excited about hearing other stuff they might make in the future.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

8 thoughts on “El La7n 7azeen men Awalo”

  1. Sadly enough i’ve been following this band’s work for a while, and believe it or not, this actually is the hight of what they’ve ever done, at least the music isn’t ripped of another grunge track like their previous work.

    As for the lyrics, well, they’re obviously trying to mimic the work of a few other Jordanian bands who use Slang arabic, too bad their mimicking isn’t even good.

    Honestly, i’m all for indie bands and the new wave of music coming out of this place, but, some bands have what it takes, and some simply don’t. In Conclusion, Akher zafeer would make a FANTASTIC cover band :), and that’s about it

  2. Haha, Thanks for your comment. I would very honestly die if I listen to another cover band, I just hate that! Sometimes a cover can be better than the real song but all cover bands in Jordan either play the songs adequately enough or totally rape them.

  3. I’m actually addicted to this song! I don’t understand what’s wrong with the lyrics, I actually like them! It’s like a story, and it fits perfectly with the music video. oh and what’s wrong with using the word tetwala? we always say ” walli men hoan” don’t we?

    Amazing track Akher Zapheer <3
    وهلا صار الوقت لتزيد السرعة، سكر عيونك وإسمع الهوا.. ♥

  4. Thank you for this valuable opinion, but I also second SayRaah, I love the video, I like the lyrics, even if it sounds a little bit “weak”, but its a brilliant start for a local young band, you know its important to criticize others in order for them to work on their mistakes and try harder to improve.

  5. well,,,,,its not about “tetwala” or any other word,,,,
    its about the meaning of the song without looking at the video,,,
    i mean.. the lyrics should give you a meaningful story, a story that affects you and makes you keep on repeating the song without being able to stop it (WITHOUT THE NEED TO LOOK AT THE VIDEO)
    yes, we all can realize that the video was done professionally….
    and so do the music and the voices of the singer/s they are all perfect,,,,
    coz there r a lot of people that dont listen to a song unless it has a meaning,,,,,,and when it does, they cant stop playing it, cant stop singing it, listening to it every where in the car, at work, at home, with friends, or even alone,,,,,,,
    you have the ability to be AMAZINGLY PERFECT…
    so GOOD LUCK in working on that 🙂

  6. nice article

    this song is an escape song , the video must nt be linked to the song
    in terms of storyboard, using unused words in our daily dialect isnt necessarily a bad thing, depends on who you are and what musical background is, on the contrary this song is done in the most conventional classical way compared to the other songs in the album, its out of intention we do that, ( amulato, alabino, a mosquito, my libido) isnt that what u normally use in an EN-US dialogue, however nirvana’s smells like teen spirit knocked MJ’s black and white of the chart, its a new lyrical genre, and i guess people just need time to adapt..anyways i love your critique and appreciate it much and everyones comments
    ..Basem from Akher Zapheer

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