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I just felt like writing a short blog post to release some thoughts that were lurking in the bottom of my brain. I had plans for this blog, and I’m horrible at planning. I wanted to write some posts on design, technology, and Amman, but so far I only have some old posts, a rant, another rant (this one apparently) and a random post.I’m awfully glad though I’m writing this post. It’s an indication that I’ve finally found out what I really want to use my blog for, namely as a back up for what goes around my head at the time, and a chance to share that with those who care enough. I do have some blog posts lined up that conform to what I originally wanted to do, and hopefully some day soon I’ll get off my ass and write them.

Since I want to randomly switch the topic each paragraph, I want to reduce my use of profanity. It’s not like I’m a sailor, but I enjoy my profanity at times. There are things nice words can’t say, and in my immediate circle of friends, and my former circles of internet people, we had laxer standards about what is profane and what isn’t. I almost got into trouble for using a word I don’t really see as profane as people took it, but they did. I just have to be careful about that.

I started working recently, and it’s a nice breather to be in an office environment again. I’ve never been in a ‘real’ office environment, at least not the ones I see on TV and Dilbert. For me, office is just like hanging out with a group of friends to work on a project together, but instead of being in somebody’s house or  a coffee house, you have desks and pen holders and so on. I love being with my new coworkers, although if I had to evaluate myself, I haven’t been as good an employee as I would like. I want to focus on work for the next week.

The Young Pen League ball is rolling too! We had our first official meeting as a league this Sunday, and it made me feel happy.  A random word that popped into my head this morning is “Culture Entrepreneur” which is something I’m trying to do.  I’m looking for people with some culture and investing in them to raise their cultural value and stuff. (some) Entrepreneurs have a way of making everything sound like it’s about money, and I’m afraid I’ve been hanging around too many Entrepreneurs.  But I digress, I’m hoping to make a change with the YPL, and actually get more people to read, more people to write, and to those who write already, make better writers of themselves, me included.

As a last note, I finally bought new books. I couldn’t be happier. ^_^

There’s “Of Love and Hate” by Hisham Al-Bustani (Arabic) and “Amman’s Girls in the Old Days” by Dr. Aida Najjar (Arabic) and finally, Train of Life by Ayman Qadri. They’re all local authors and I bought the books from Jara. That’s all I needed to stay today. =]

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I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

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