MENA ICT is just Awesome

Yesterday my jaw-dropped when I saw this.

That’s the business park, the venue where this year’s MENA ICT forum is going to be held. I pass by that building almost everyday, but seeing it all lit up like that at the night simply made me turn into an eight-year-old that just saw a pony-unicorn. But then I thought about it seriously. Whatever childish feelings of awe that I had at the time, they were justified.

I’m particularly pleased with the forum’s attempts to contact us Jordanian bloggers, and particularly tech bloggers that are few, to cover this event. Most of all, I wanted to cover this, because I felt their commitment was more than an effort to get free publicity. They actually communicated with us, showed an understanding to what we do, and gave us all the resources we might need, and treated us as friends, and for that I have to thank them.

I also feel awed by how organised everything is. We are not used to big events like these, and it makes me happy to see the world’s attention focusing on Jordan in such a positive manner. I used to travel a lot, and everybody I met outside always had a positive idea about Jordan, and they would in particular mention how impressed they are by his Majesty King Abullah II ibn Al Hussien, and this forum is a direct manifestation of his Majesty’s efforts and vision for Jordan, and that also makes me feel very proud.

I am hearing the welcoming speech as I write these words. Hopefully, Abed Shamlawi’s words of welcome will be the start of a great day for Jordan, ICT in the MENA region, and for all of us.

I wish you all peace, and the best of luck.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

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