(Still) Living our Childhood – Alaa Wardi

I just can’t write words that describe this. Watch first.

Alaa Wardi just keeps stumping me with amazing new songs that make me want to become a better writer so I can do them justice with words. In this new single, titled “6ofoletna 3aysheen” or “(Still) Living our Childhood”, he mixes a mesmerizing guitar lullaby with a multitude of harmonies, which is what he does best. When he’s busy singing, he uses his versatility in instruments to fill in the song with what I can only describe as pure musical joy. His voice on the other hand, and the lyrics, express the sad yet proud emotions of a kid just coming out of his shell, defending his individuality. It all blends in together to give a sweet melancholic and nostalgic feel to the song.

To be fair, I felt like the song should end like 40 seconds earlier, the ending is just too long. But overall, it’s an amazing track. I’m going to do you a favor and give you this link that keeps repeating the song.

Author: Tarakiyee

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