Dear Reader, Regarding Jordanian Memes, Like Name Them?

An internet meme is a concept that spreads swiftly via the Internet[2], but enough of the compulsory Wikipedia quotes. I think I know internet memes well enough not to research the idea. I’ve been on the internet long enough. I’ve seen the geocities websites, took part in the Lolcat craze, got rickrolled (and far worse goatsed) a countless number of times, and I was even a btard at some point of my internet life. So yeah, in the land of self-pronounced experts, I qualify as an internet meme expert.

Arabs, or in particular, Arab internet users have been really late adopters of Internet memetry. I still cringe when I see a university girl using the word “epic” IRL. For me, there were things that belonged online, and things that belonged IRL, and that’s a line that you don’t cross. But IRL and online doesn’t exist anymore, so I can’t really blame her. But I digress, this blog post is about a new meme I’ve been noticing  on facebook, and as far as I know, it appears to be a Jordanian thing.

Namely, it starts like this “Dear [insert name], Regaring [typical action of subject], Like [insert exaggerated suggestion]?”, or in Arabizi “3azizi … , bil nisbe la …, … mathalan?” One of the first examples I’ve seen were about the weather, suggesting that the weather is so hot that the speaker wouldn’t mind taking off his clothes.

What’s so special about it, is that it seems like one of the first genuine memes that came out of Jordanian Internet users, not advertising agencies. And at least it’s one that requires creativity, a far step ahead from copy and paste memes or chain mails. But Facebook is a somewhat closed medium, it could be something that’s going around my circle of friends, even though I don’t think so, because I saw a group with that name. But I haven’t been seeing it on Jordanian Twitter.

EDIT: According to the comments, this meme has older roots among Khaligi (Gulf) Blackberry users, and apparently Jordanians just found out about it. Thanks for the heads up Awartany. =]

Have you seen this Internet meme between your friends? Do you know of any other memes that went around before this one?