Wardi and Aziz are gonna rock Amman this October

Tarakiyee is happy. Friday the 28th of October will be biggest event in Amman ever this month, and that’s including Halloween. Just check out the websites for Bands Across Borders. It might be no secret that I’m a Wardi fan boy, so that for me would have been enough, but adding Aziz and Razz to the mix and that’s enough to make any Ammani weep in joy. If you love the chaos and the ruggedness of Amman, or if you’re just a fan of good music in general, you just can’t miss this concert.

Now, to be fair, I’m a little worried. The Facebook Page states:

“The show will be as if you are attending a theater play with dynamics and serious emotional impact in addition to interactive lighting and video clips.”

I’ve never ever seen a local act like this, and if they pull it off it would be the most awesome thing ever. I’m hoping this would be the start of a new age in the Ammani music scene, where we move away from the coarseness and start adding some flair into the shows. There is a lot of amazing local talent, but until now I’ve never really enjoyed listening to a band live. Time for the bands to spend less time practicing in their garages, and more time practicing on a stage.

All in all, this event is proving to be very unmissable, you absolutely need to be at Cultural Palace on the 28th of this month. Reserve your tickets now, you can find more details on the website, or you can try your luck and see if you can win a free ticket through their Facebook page.