Tarakiyee word of the day, “Nitpicking”

I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog recently, I know you’re all dying for a Tarakiyee update. I was just busy trying to get up the new redesign of my website. Today, I decided to take a short break and share a short post with all of you. In my new series, WOTD, I will be showcasing some words of the English language that people here don’t use a lot. Today’s word is, “nitpicking”.

Nitpicking, as defined by wikipedia, is the act and process of removing nits from one’s hair. Nits are the eggs of lice (قمل in Arabic). It’s a long and laborious act, because you have to carefully check each hair for those tiny eggs. It’s also used to describe people who take something, and scan every single minor detail and coming up with a small, often inconsequential error (نء in Arabic). Nowadays, people no longer nitpick, because they invented chemical processes that do a much efficient job.

However some people still choose to nitpick nowadays, probably out of boredom, or فضاوة أشغال. It’s actually the Jordanian national pass time. Maybe if we start having more entrepreneurs, then we can have more busy people, and we can stamp this bad habit out of people, even if it means we’ll have more nits in our collective hairs. أصلن أزا تركتهم, بموتو لحالهم.

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