Timeless Fun: Backgammon

I haven’t had the urge to update my blog recently, so here’s a small update on what I like to do when I don’t feel like doing anything. I remember this one time, I was talking to this old man, and he expressed his surprise at seeing two girls play blackgammon. Backgammon was and still is, a really popular game for old-timers in Amman’s old cafes, and I can safely say it’s featuring a surge back between young people now, both male and female.

Now, these two girls are my friends, and we regularly play it, and we all learned it from our parents and grandparents. I think it’s one of these games that skips a generation each time, I can’t see my children playing it, but I’ll definitely teach it to my grandchildren. It’s a fun, timeless game that can waste many hours while we talk about whatever on our minds. We all need some mindless activity every once and a while to keep our minds of what’s worrying us, and Backgammon beats Facebook any day. To end this, I’ll quote my friend, “Manzari manzar wa7de endha emte7an?”

People playing Backgammon

Author: Tarakiyee

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