What’s up Amman? Cafe Des Artistes’ Artist Talks

Last Wednesday at around 8pm, Cafe des Artistes opened their glass pane front, and for a while it became a public place where people stopped and listened to known Artist Ammar Khammash and several patrons discussing art, and artists. I had my doubts about the location at first when I heard about the event, but it worked perfectly, and I was just happy I attended my first summer-y Amman event this year. Lots of people didn’t know what to expect, and the discussion started out slowly, but then a couple of good points were raised.

From what I heard, this appears to be the first in a series of Artist Talks, and I would definitely try to make it to more events like these, I just hope the next events become more engaging and less Q&A like.

Cafe des Artistes' Artist Talks
Cafe des Artistes' Artist Talks

Author: Tarakiyee

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