What’s Up Amman? Die Toten Hosen Concert

What’s up Amman is my very narrow view of what’s happening in the city of Amman. This is a special what’s up Amman, called the Why We Can’t Have Nice Things speech. First of all, a crash course on concert etiquette.

1) Deodorants. Use them. Axe might get you all the ladies if you’re a normal person, but we as Arabs need that industrial grade heavy-duty shit. I suggest they should start handing out nose-plugs along with the standard concert ear-plugs.

2) It’s nice to jump the stage every once and a while. Gives a little excitement to the concert. But contrary to the popular opinion in Jordan, the stage is not a diving board.  Bands actually choreograph their moves on the stage, based on the assumption that said stage is empty, and it’s not nice to run into people when you’re trying to play music.

3) When the band finishes playing, out of courtesy, stay around and ask them to do an encore. Don’t scramble to the door.

4) Metal horns are for metal bands, not for every band that sings in another language. Punk bands usually dislike any show of establishmentism, and they might not like seeing a hundred people wearing the same clothes, and holding the same sign up.

5) Most importantly, if you ever find yourself pulled on the stage, don’t show-boat. There’s a band that travelled all the way from Germany to entertain you, they earned the right to that stage, don’t try and steal the light from them.

And I’ll skim over the parts where my female friends complained of being grabbed and the people I personally saw checking women out then trying to get closer to them (whereupon I started my own one man moshpit to block them from getting to the nice ladies), because  I frankly find that just so utterly despicable, that it makes me want to explode in a tirade of curse words and built-in anger, because since I’m a self-proclaimed pacifist, I can’t knock some respect into these sick bastards. But I certainly wouldn’t step in if someone else decided to use violence against them, even though I don’t directly condone it.

And see, that’s why we can’t have nice things. Seeing as the rant is over, here are the good things. DIE TOTEN HOSEN ROCKED. It’s nice to see how after all these years they haven’t lost their energy to rock. I was never the hugest fan before, I went to their city Düsseldorf and I hated it. I had a couple of their songs that I like, namely “Hier Kommt Alex” (Here Comes Alex), a song about the book A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, a must read by the way, but I digress, and “Alles ist Eins” (All is One), a tribute the band made to a Dutch girl that died in one of their concerts.

They played both songs, and that made me very happy. They also played a couple more, that I liked, but I’ll have to look for them then blog about them later. I think it’s important for the people to get the meaning behind songs, makes them a lot more beautiful. I certainly believe that knowing German made this concert much better for me, than those who didn’t know the language. One interesting tidbit I learned that Campino, the lead singer, is a big fan of Liverpool FC, as well as I am. They sang a Beatles song, and You’ll Never Walk Alone, but unfortunately I had  left stage-side by the time they sang YNWA. I was so exhausted by that point.

Overall, I figure at some point in their 30 or so year career, die Toten Hosen picked up the skill to throw an amazing rock concert, and I guess we have to thank them, the German Embassy, Goethe Institut, and the Municipality of Amman (nice stage at the King Hussien Parks, BTW) for working together and giving us a chance to see that first hand. This event will be the highlight of the year for many, it’s just so hard to top here in Jordan!

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

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