What’s up Amman? “Street” Art and Dead Pants. WTF?

Warning: You are entering angry rant zone. Foul language is probably used. (2 Shits, 2 Fucks (abbreviated) and 1 poo-poo-head)

This is not a regular what’s up Amman, this is a special rant about Amman, a WTF Amman you might say, if the name wasn’t already taken. Heard of it or not, the Toten Hosen (the Dead Pants) are coming to Amman. These are one of the bands you either love, or never heard of, like most foreign bands that seldom sing in English. But German or not, they are certainly one of the biggest punk bands in the world, and they will be playing in King Hussien park this second of October, as part of the German Embassy’s celebrations of their reunification day. Opening for them will be the brilliant Muraba3, from here, Amman, Jordan. Keep in mind, the ticket is for 3 JDs.

Another European offering this month is the European Film festival. Featuring an entire week of European films, a street performance by a famous French group, and a film competition for local artists, the EU Film Festival promises lots of fun for many Jordanians. Admission is free, of course.

ON THE OTHER HAND, there’s the Amman “Street” Art festival. I’m too angry to use sarcasm properly, so I’ll just say what’s on my mind. It’s a bunch of stupid paintings on a stupid wall, and they’re charging 4 JDs for it. FOUR. I ask of you all, couldn’t we as Jordanians afford to hang a couple of paintings on a wall for people to see for free, or did we accidentally spend all our money on importing mayonnaise or something?!

To be fair, there probably are some good artists in there, for all I know. I hate this cheated feeling I get whenever I see that any ‘locally’ organised cultural event has to cost so much when I get a shit-load of culture from somewhere else for equal to or less. Let’s face it, for the price of the “Street” art fair, I can attend more than 10 films, a dance performance, and a world class band, and still spare a JD to buy a mayonnaise sandwich from whatever local shawerma/shit-on-a-grill store that’s next to me.  I’m boycotting this, I’m not going to aid in the monetization of local culture.

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

5 thoughts on “What’s up Amman? “Street” Art and Dead Pants. WTF?”

  1. Oh but if it was an international art fair that makes it ok to pay 4 jds? it’s worth it, people put some effort into this and deserve to get paid, plus no one put a gun against your head and told you to go. you will pay 40 for sushi i can tell you that, that’s culture for you. salam.

  2. Oh, why don’t you just fuck off, Dee. If I had 40 for sushi, do you think I’d be complaining about a 4 jd entrance fee?

    Where did I ever IMPLY that just because some shit is foreign that means it’s necessarily better? All I said that they just charge you extra for it, 3a asas eno local. Not to mention the sponsorship money and all the other shit they rake in.

    Then they go, bejeebo Red Bull aw Nescafe to sponsor refreshments, and put all of the money into their pockets, those being the event organizers, and everybody, including the artists you actually put any effort into it, go home without adequate compensation.

  3. That’s a shame Moey, the plot even thickens! They charged artists for the spots?! That’s commercial beyond all means, it’s a shame they used the words street and art. Everybody’s monetizing Amman now, so that’s okay.

  4. I completely understand where you’re coming from Mohammad, but in all fairness, a 4 JD ticket is rather fair.

    Before I continue I would very much like to make it crystal clear that I’m not associated with them art folks, nor do I even enjoy art (Sadly, that is)- I would simply like to state my objective opinion on the matter.

    The Toten Hosen (Lol @ name) event is most likely sponsored by the German embassy, coinciding with a national German wtfday. As the case with the EU film festival, which is probably sponsored by Europe? I don’t know, but do you see where I’m getting at?

    Jordanian companies are more willing to sponsor a donkey-wrist-slitting event than one involving culture and art (Especially local talents, or lack-thereof). Applying Newton’s 4th law, we deduct the following:

    Less Sponsors = More Expenses to Cover = Higher Ticket Price.

    Its all simple chemistry really, but I guess there’s always the chance I’m thinking positively again and the art event turns out to be sponsored by NASA and Microsoft combined. You just never know these days.

    Oh and nice blog bro, I like your built-in satire. Keep it up.

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