Why I Didn’t Vote (and why that’s still okay)

“Those who don’t vote will not be participating with others in shaping their country’s future,” Samir al-Rifai, the prime minister, said on state television.

I choose not to vote. Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister, but that does not mean I will not participate, or that I did not participate in shaping my country’s future, and in fact I will participate in it, and that’s not up to you, or anyone else to decide. I just don’t think this parliament will shape my country’s future. I also feel offended by that patronising tone. That was my general feeling throughout the elections period, but I choose not to make that known during that period. I was so fed up by the patronising tone the “others” used while addressing the boycott campaigners, which is rich coming from a camp that refused open debate on the matter.

I choose not to support the election boycott  publicly, or openly spread the news about it out of fear, more than all. The law is ambiguous enough, and if any of my efforts would be deemed  as to “influence people to not vote”, I would have been under the possibility of being arrested. It’s not because I didn’t want to “break the law”, because I for one believe that law is unconstitutional, and therefore, not a law. I just didn’t have the courage to test that theory. I am by no means proud of that.

But now the elections are over, I feel free to fully state my opinions in the elections. I have no regrets, after watching people in my district fight over whose tribe is better, whose tribe is bigger, and whose tribe can kick the other tribe’s butt first. I’ve seen people start celebrating their election wins by shooting fire arms. I’ve heard, and seen all the news about violence, fear, vote buying, and fraud all over the country. I’ve felt the ‘invisible hand’ try to influence the elections using apparently arbitrarily decided  “virtual districts” . So I ask you again, why would I ever want to vote?

I’m a 22 year old male university IT student. I hate fire arms. I belong to a big tribe, but I don’t think belonging to a tribe should give you any merits. I think of it more of just another way to bring me closer to some people, sort of what happens when you meet someone who studied at the same university as you did, only a slightly stronger bond. I would only vote for a candidate that belongs to a party, first of all, because I don’t believe in trusting people, I trust ideals. I still wouldn’t vote for any party, but I don’t feel like disclosing my political inclinations here on this blog, but I do have political leanings, and I would very prefer to vote to candidates that have them. In fact, I think that’s the entire point of having an election.

These things were not available to me, and the things I saw I expected, and did not like, so why vote? I could have gone to the polls and given in a blank paper, but that would have been nothing but an exercise in futility, and an attempt to make a very stupid point, and there’s a lot of that going on in this country at the moment. The errors in this election are not only many, but legislative, systematic, and worst of all they’ve become so engrained into our national fabric that we as a whole can’t see why they’re wrong.  So, I can’t change the other voters, I can’t change the candidates, and I sure as hell can’t change the deputies, so tell me why should I vote?

Author: Tarakiyee

I am a Jordanian Computer Engineer with a passion for the aesthetic and the awesome.

3 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Vote (and why that’s still okay)”

  1. LOOOOVED IT .. and applies to me as well except for the part I told everyone and came clear way before the elections that I am boycotting

  2. If this country’s future is in the hands of passport-photo candidates of the recent elections, then no thanks, I don’t even WANT to be involved in shaping my country’s future!

    This article clearly summarizes the flaws in the system and handicaps in our society.

    #ididntvote 🙂

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